Hi, I’m Veronica and welcome to Down Cakery Lane!downcakerylane

Here you’ll find sweet and savory recipes with some cookie and cake decorating thrown in.

Baking has been a part of my life since childhood.  I have great memories of making sweet treats with my mother using her cookbooks and magazines.  As a child, I loved looking through the December issues, with all the decorated cookies and amazing gingerbread houses.  I often return to those cookbooks and magazines which my mother has kept all these years, filled not only with recipes, but with glimpses of the past.  At Down Cakery Lane, you’ll often see a bit of nostalgia mixed in with my recipes and tutorials.  I’m a history teacher and I’m often nostalgic so, from time to time, you’ll be going down memory lane.    You’ll see this come out in some of my posts, like this this one and this one.

Over a decade ago, I made my first fondant cake and I was hooked.  Soon, cake decorating became an obsession and my weekends were filled with requests from family and friends for birthday cakes, cupcakes and decorated cookies.


I named my site Down Cakery Lane because of the focus on cakes and cookies.  However, this blog reflects my daily life which includes lots of healthy vegetarian and gluten free meals.

Down Cakery Lane is a place for those of you, like me, that eat healthy yet splurge a bit during special occasions.

It’s for those of you that bake and cook for family members with all types of restrictions…from gluten free to sugar free, vegetarian to meat eaters- they’re all in my family, as well.

Down Cakery Lane is my baking and cooking chronicle- where I’ll share my love of baking, but also my love of healthy food.

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I hope you enjoy my recipes.  Thanks for going Down Cakery Lane!