Christmas Cookies


Evey Christmas, I make loads of decorated Christmas cookies.  Sometimes I stick to traditional colors, but sometimes I experiment and branch out from my usual preference for the classics.


Using blue really gives the cookies that snowy, winter wonderland feel.  I also tried out some pastel designs…I’ve wanted to recreate the look of a Christmas tree my family had back when I was a baby.


For the dough, I chose my favorite sugar cookie recipe.  I also used a new chocolate roll-out recipe and a new gingerbread recipe.  For the icing, I used my usual glace recipe.  Some cookies were decorated completely with glace and others with a combination of glace and royal icing.


I don’t often use royal, but I find that it’s best for very detailed cookies.


Here’s a peak into how I work.  I take over my kitchen table and set up areas of the same cookie shape to work quickly in an assembly line fashion.  Glace icing colors and outline icing in the center.  My cookie stick, small palette knife, some toothpicks, and a wet cloth nearby.  And my cell phone too, lol.


Christmas Cookies


Glace icing colors ready to go…


glace cookie icing


Outline icing piping bags ready too:


Glace cookie icing


Here are light blue, yellow, and lime green Christmas cookies… I really loved the happy feel about them.  These are iced in glace flooding and glace piping. I used sanding sugar on some of them also.


Christmas Cookies


Next, I experimented with yellow and pink, some of my favorite colors (obviously…by the look of my blog).  I was inspired by this tree my family had back when I was a baby:



christmas tree


These cookies were also iced with glace icing.  I used some royal icing to pipe a design on the sleigh.  I also used metallic sugar dragees I purchased at a local cake supply store.


Christmas Cookies


To complete the cookies, I dusted very lightly with white disco dust.


Christmas Cookies



For the next set, I tried out a new chocolate roll-out recipe.  For the design, I chose blue and green with lots of sanding sugar!  I also made some large stars that didn’t make it to the photos…they made it to some tummies instead 😉


Christmas Cookies



I kept my packaging very simple by just using a bright green paper bag with a cute ribbon I found at Michaels.  I found this cute printable tag at Amanda’s Parties To Go.  It matched perfectly with the ribbon.


Christmas Cookies


The only catch:  it was hard to fit more than six cookies in each bag without it looking over-stuffed and nothing like the picture below.


Christmas Cookies


In case you’re wondering, these cookies go out to family, friends, and teachers, and some get shipped out of state, too.  Of course, we keep some…or a lot.


For these cookies, I ended up using bags for some recipients, holiday boxes for others, and pretty platters and bowls for some very lucky ones.


I do this almost every year.  It’s loads of work, but worth it in the end.  Every November, I start playing around with ideas for new designs.  Best of all, for me, is giving something that looks and tastes good and is always well received.


Now, what to do this year?


Anyone else like to experiment with different holiday colors?


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