Fall Ombre CakeI’ve had fall leaves on my mind lately.  My son keeps asking why we don’t have them here in Florida.  Living in Florida means no fall leaves and no winter snow.  Yet, our kids learn a lot about fall leaves and winter snow in school.  We decorate our homes with fall and autumn themes, teachers decorate their classrooms, and we buy pumpkins from the local “pumpkin patch.”

Yet, we know it’s not really the same.  And, because of all the fall leaf decor everywhere, plus watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,”  my son has developed the strongest urge to know what it’s like to run and take a great leap into a huge pile of leaves.

It really is nice to live in the “sunshine” state, but sometimes we long for some fall leaves, not the usual palm tree leaves scattered on sidewalks and streets (some so large that drivers react in a frenzied swerve around them, having mistaken the palm leaves for something else).

So, for my son, who wants to see fall leaves…here is a small cake set against the palm trees of Florida 🙂

Fall Leaves Ombre Cake

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